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Imprivata teams up with Microsoft for single signing health clouds

Healthcare IT security outfit Imprivata has released what it has called the first end-to-end Identity and Access Management (IAM) Cloud Platform for healthcare in partnership with Microsoft.

The Platform, anchored by Imprivata’s leading solution portfolio and commitment to building trusted digital identities, and the world-class scale and security of Microsoft’s cloud identity platform, Azure Active Directory, will address the challenges that healthcare customers face down the digital transformation road.

HPE and Nutanix team up on cloud

HPE and Nutanix announced a global partnership to deliver an integrated hybrid cloud as a Service (aaS) solution to the market.

This offering will use Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software including its built-in, free AHV hypervisor, delivered through HPE GreenLake to provide customers with an HPE-managed hybrid cloud that, it’s claimed, dramatically lowers total cost of ownership and accelerates time to value.

Bullguard offers VPN

Darling of the UK PC-builder industry Bullguard ,has spruced up its cybersecurity product line by adding a VPN product.

Designed to be easily used across multiple devices, BullGuard VPN features a simplified user interface and quick connect functionality, enabling consumers to fly under the radar and surf the internet in stealth mode while retaining complete anonymity via military-grade encryption. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems.

Miller Heiman’s Scout integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Sales performance through training, consulting, technology and research, Miller Heiman Group has integrated its sales analytics platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Scout by Miller Heiman Group, powered by the Strategic Selling with Perspective and Conceptual Selling sales methodologies, uses data and analytics to coach and support sellers to take actions that will improve win rates, it’s claimed.

Armour launches new flagship

Secure communications outfit Armour Communications is launching the latest version of its flagship product Armour Mobile at Cyber UK 2019 – the premier annual cybersecurity event run by the UK’s NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre).

Armour will be demonstrating full integration with Secure Chorus standards, to a live audience, with Leonardo, BAE Applied Intelligence and DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory). The interactive workshop, hosted by NCSC and Secure Chorus takes place on 24 April at 14.00 and is part of Stream G.

Armour Mobile v3.0 introduces new features including biometric authentication (fingerprint and facial recognition), and rapid ‘auto’ provisioning of new users using secure QR codes or encrypted links within emails. There is a host of additional improvements, including sending a secure voicemail or text note when a user is unable to accept a voice or video call; accessibility options such as user-defined text sizes; and MessageBurn has added sophistication – for example, a marker to alert the user if they failed to read a secure message before it has been ‘burned’.

Cirrus Response releases new customer experience gear

Cloud-based Cirrus Response showcasing three new and upgraded products at Call & Contact Centre Expo designed to automate, streamline and enhance the customer experience.

The solutions on display include CirrusTranslate, an upgraded version of Cirrus Conversational AI (CAI) and integration with WhatsApp. All enable enterprise contact centres to manage better and filter calls to improve agent performance and to provide a more engaging experience for the customer.

CirrusTranslate provides an option for customers to select the language of their choice and hear on-the-fly translation which replicates having a human translator on the call. Software-based translation, available 24/7 with no need to book in advance, is more cost effective than having a team of human translators and provides businesses with the ideal way to expand into overseas markets while keeping costs low. The new service is launched with 15 languages initially, which include Russian, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin and a wide range of European languages. New languages can be added by arrangement.

Datto improves its remote monitoring and professional services tools

MSP outfit Datto has spruced up its integration between Datto RMM (remote monitoring and management) and ConnectWise Manage, a professional services automation (PSA) tool.

This will mean that MSP partners will have the flexibility of monitoring and managing remote IT assets and escalations from ConnectWise Manage and builds upon the ease, reliability, scalability, and security that MSPs have come to expect from Datto RMM.

Datto chief product officer Emily Glass said: “We believe our MSP partners must have the flexibility to leverage the tools that are right for them, and not be limited by vendor,” said Emily Glass, chief product officer at Datto. “This fosters the type of innovation the industry needs to thrive and enables our partners to make the best technology choices for their business.”

SoftwareONE launches UC managed services in UK

Licensing outfit SoftwareONE has launched its unified communications (UC) managed services in the UK.

The Swiss firm launched UCSimple in the US, Germany, Switzerland and Austria last year and has now added Blighty to its list.

UCSimple is based on a premise that traditional UC tools are ineffective because they don’t take into account the number of employees working remotely will increase over the next few years.

Extreme Networks announces new IoT product

Extreme Networks announced the general availability of Extreme Networks’ Defender for IoT which helps organisations secure unsecured IoT devices.

Defender for IoT can be deployed on any network and designed to allow non-technical staff at schools, hospitals, retailers and hospitality venues can use it to isolate and protect both wired and wireless IoT devices from cyber attacks.

IoT devices present two major security flaws for businesses today. Most lack embedded security—they were built to run on private networks where the assumption was it was tightly controlled, and device-level security wasn’t required. Manufacturers never considered that the private enterprise network could be connected to the public internet, and therefore the devices may run out-of-date operating systems, have hardcoded passwords and/or lack anti-virus and firewall capabilities. And they are typically deployed in a flat or unsegmented network so that if breached, the attacker can gain access to sensitive areas of the network.

David Raftery, Chief Revenue Officer, Integration Partners said that customers across the industry were having difficulty with IoT security and one of the most challenging aspects is the creation of security policies for a diverse range of devices.

“This can be time-consuming and fraught with error. Extreme’s Defender for IoT solution automates this task with its ability to learn a device’s typical behaviour and then build a security policy that restricts its communication to only what is authorised. With the ability to then segment IoT devices into secure tunnels, Extreme provides our customers multi-layered IoT security over whatever network they have deployed today. It’s a unique and a compelling solution”, he said.

Mike Leibovitz, Senior Director of Product Management and Strategy, Extreme Networks said that businesses are extracting so much value from the IoT revolution that it’s easy to see why deployments are happening fast, and security should not be viewed as an impediment to that.

Datto automates updates and patches

Datto – which provides IT through Managed Service Providers (MSPs), announced the global availability of Datto RMM 6.5, which helps MSPs provide reliable security services through improved remote endpoint software patch management.

The big idea is to tackle endpoint attacks which are up up 20 percent on last year, costing businesses millions, Proper endpoint patching is seen as the first line of defence for businesses worldwide. Datto RMM 6.5 will help MSPs better address the security needs of their customers’ IT environments, the company claims.

A part of Datto Business Management, Datto RMM is a cloud remote monitoring and management solution for MSPs. It allows MSPs to manage the IT infrastructure of small and medium businesses remotely with automation tools such as network monitoring, patch management, and remote control.

BlackBerry offers security packs

BlackBerry announced it is scaling its BlackBerry Secure technology and licensing strategy to enable its partners to rapidly bring-to-market safe and secure IoT devices.

According to a recent survey commissioned by the company, approximately 80 per cent of consumers in the US, UK and Canada do not trust their current Internet-connected devices to secure their data and privacy. Additionally, when asked about future purchases, respondents said they were more likely to choose a product or do business with a company that had a strong reputation for data security and privacy.

Avi Networks announces Universal Service Mesh

Avi Networks today announced Universal Service Mesh, adding what it claims are two major enhancements to the Avi Vantage Platform as part of a cunning plan to corner a $12 billion market for application services.

Avi is gets enhanced, full-featured, ingress and gateway services to Istio to facilitate secure connectivity for Kubernetes applications across multiple clusters, regions, or clouds. These include L4-L7 traffic management, security including WAF, and observability.

It is also integrating Istio within its Avi Controller

Microsoft shows off its new things for the Cloud

banner_220x220Microsoft today announced a plethora of new Internet of Things-focused updates to its Azure cloud computing platform.

Some of today’s announcements are relatively minor. Azure IoT Central, the company’s solution for helping you get started with IoT, is now generally available and there are updates to Microsoft’s IoT provisioning service, IoT hub message routing tools and Map Control API.

Microsoft said that the Azure IoT platform will now support Google’s Android and Android Things platform via its Java SDK.

What’s more interesting, though, is the new services. The highlight here is probably the launch of Azure Digital Twins. Using this new service, enterprises can now build their own digital models of any physical environment.

It is the virtual counterpart to a real-world IoT deployment and the idea is that as IoT deployment in the real world changes, so does the digital model. It will provide developers with a full view of all the devices they have deployed and allows them to run advanced analytics and test scenarios as needed without having to make changes to the actual physical deployment.

Writing in its bog, Vole said: “As the world enters the next wave of innovation in IoT where the connected objects such as buildings, equipment or factory floors need to be understood in the context of their environments, Azure Digital Twins provides a complete picture of the relationships and processes that connect people, places and devices.”

Azure Digital Twins will launch into preview on October 15.

Watchguard releases a product to fill the authentication gap

Insecurity outfit WatchGuard has rolled out a multi-factor authentication product specifically for SMEs after it spotted a gap in the market.

The security player has introduced AuthPoint and has shared findings from CITE Research that indicated that 61 per cent of SMEs felt that the technology was only reserved for larger enterprises.

Alex Cagnoni, director of Authentication at WatchGuard said that a massive portion of data breaches involve lost credentials and since cyber criminals target organisations of any size, MFA is now a prerequisite for all businesses.

“In the absence of MFA, cyber criminals can usea variety of techniques to acquire usernames and passwords, such as spear phishing, social engineering and buying stolen credentials on the dark web, to gain network access and then steal valuable company and customer data”, he added.

Rebecca Fernyhough, account manager at UK channel partner Epic Network Support said that with the launch of AuthPoint, WatchGuard hadextended its product portfolio with a vital security offering that is often overlooked by SMBs and has done so in a way that is easy for the channel to sell, deploy and manage.

The WatchGuard release comes at a time when SMEs are struggling with keeping on top of security threats.