Balabit box offers security superguard

praetorianHungarian security company Balabit showed off its Shell Control Box (SCB) at a press gig this  week.

This is a clever gizmo which sits between a data centre and people accessing the data which has an active alert function and which can reconstruct changes people have made to systems as well as preclude certain users from doing different things. more»

Get yourself a firewall or get stung

Dell logoPatrick Sweeney, executive director of network security at Dell, talked about next generation firewalls and how the world+dog needs them because of increased security threats.

He said Dell processed 50,000 pieces of malware a day and that means 50,000 new counter measures a day too – with updates to its firewalls pushed out between eight and twelve times a day. more»

Business to go for smart specs

spyspexA company claims that enterprises will adopt smart glasses faster than your average geek.

APX Labs, which makes Skylight software, claims that Google, Epson and others are making devices which in conjunction with apps will be adopted by large corporations.

Skylight, it claims, will let workers share their view with remote colleagues, continuously monitor important information, control devices, sensors and equipments remotely and find and track objects and people. more»

CWCS to offer unlimited bandwidth

Clouds in Oxford: pic Mike MageeManaged hosting company CWCS said today it will offer unlimited bandwidth on cloud server packages.

According to the company, its cloud servers are more inexpensive because removing data transfer charges will lower the prices.

MD Karl Mendez said: “We can offer unlimited bandwidth because we run, manage and operate our own data centres, using high specification equipment and servers with a deliberately built-in amount of spare capacity.”

He said his company is one of the first in the UK to offer cloud servers with unlimited data transfer. more»