SCS gets into Pyramid

camelSpecialist Computer Services (SCS) has written a cheque for Pyramid to maintain its iron grip of the HR and payroll market

SCS already provides HR, payroll and data scanning services to public and private sector customers across Europe and it hopes that the Pyramid acquisition will give it some skilled staff.

Until this point SCS had resold the NGA HR Unipay product but will now be providing its own offering to customers.

Sir Peter Rigby, chairman and chief executive of Rigby Group, which owns SCS said:

“We are very conscious of the loyalty and levels of service that SCS has enjoyed over some 40 years, so it is important we continue to invest in SCS to ensure its growth and success,” he added “Pyramid offers SCS an up-to-date, highly functional HR Payroll solution to market, develop & sell.”

Pyramid has been keeping razor blades sharp for 20 years and its system that SCS takes on covers all aspects of personnel management, including HR, payroll, employee self service, e-Recuritment as well as e-Payslips.

Tim Markham, managing director of SCS, said that the acquisition, for an undisclosed amount, had been made to ensure that it had a product that it could develop and take out to its customers for the long-term.