Linus Torvalds wades into the GCC 4.9.0 compiler

torvaldsAn Open Source compiler has been blasted by Linus Torvalds as being ‘pure and utter s***’ and ‘terminally broken’ after a random panic was discovered in a load balance function in Linux 3.16-rc6.

GCC was designed by Open Source Pope Richard Stallman to provide a free software compiler for open saucy projects. It has been through many different incarnations and the latest hit the streets earlier this month.

The new version has upset the King of Linux, Linus Torvalds, after it appeared to break the 3.16-rc kernel. Torvalds did not mince his words at his disgust describing the compiler as retarded as a sloth that was dropped on the head as a baby.

In a rant which is vaguely like a John Cleese parrot sketch  Torvalds said that: “Lookie here, your compiler does some absolutely insane things with the spilling, including spilling a constant. For chrissake, that compiler shouldn’t have been allowed to graduate from kindergarten. We’re talking “sloth that was dropped on the head as a baby” level retardation levels.”

Torvalds said there is no way that the problem is within his kernel, and claims that the compiler is creating broken code while also warning that those testing the kernel shouldn’t compile it with gcc-4.9.0.

He said that the problem is in the latest version, because the compiler was reliable until now.