Business process management. Who needs it?

snake oilMarket research company Gartner appears to believe that every company in the known cosmos is gagging for business process management (BPM).

To that end, it is going to tell people between September the 9th and September the 11th all about how BPM works at the Gaylord convention centre in National Harbor, MD.

So what is BPM? Gartner believes it is all about improving things for your business to bring high performance results. Gartner thinks its four tracks that feature sessions from analysts, problem solving workshops and “peer interaction” will help businesswomen and businessmen that much better.

But a keynote about “Digital Humanism” delivered by Brian Prentice, catches our attention, if only because its sub title is “Swinging the pendulum of digital business”. This sounds more like Kant than cant.

Gartner is also pulling in Michael Massimino, a NASA astronaut, to give “views from space” about obstacles and challenges that business faces.

Keith Ferrazzi, the author of Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone will probably be joining you for lunch so you never eat alone.

It’s all very compelling stuff.