Software errors cause Euro GPS to get lost

gallioEurope’s global positioning satellite project is not off to a good start after software was blamed for placing the satellites in the wrong orbit.

It does not bode well when a software project which is supposed to help Europeans find themselves to within 10 feet, can’t place its own satellites in the correct orbit, but that is exactly what has happened. more»

Red Hat is missing the developer train

red-hatWhile CIOs tend to think “Red Hat” when they contemplate their open source navels, their developers are not big fans and more likely to love Ubuntu, according to research.

According to AngelList data compiled by Leo Polovets, these developers also like MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL for their database; Chef or Puppet for configuration; and ElasticSearch or Solr for search. more»

Seagate releases 8TB hard drive

Seagate  has decided that the world needs hard drives which can store 8TB.

The 8TB HDD comes five months after Western Digital had released the first ever 6TB HDD, so the company clearly thinks we are running out of space.

Apparently the 8TB HDD comes in the 3.5-inch form factor and  features a SATA 6Gbps interface and multi-drive RV tolerance which makes it suitable for data centres. more»