Intel talks up wi-fi cunning plans

cunning-planChipzilla is telling the world about its cunning plans to move to “wire-free” computing by 2016.

Writing in the company bog, Intel is apparently developing a smart dock through which laptops can wirelessly connect to monitors and external peripherals.

Intel said that this will remove the need to plug HDMI or DisplayPort display connectors directly into laptops. more»

Half of users share their passwords

face-palmMore than half of users risk their computer being hacked because they share their passwords or sign up for automatic log on to mobile apps and services.

Research by security outfit Intercede said that while more than half of users thought security was important they putting their personal data at risk by sharing usernames and passwords with friends, family and colleagues. more»

AMD releases Radeon R7 SSDs

small_radeon-ssd-5AMD announced a new technology partnership with OCZ to build AMD Radeon branded Solid State Drives (SSDs).

Starting today, users can buy the AMD Radeon  R7 Series SSDs in 120GB, 240GB or 480GB capacities online retailers.

The AMD Radeon R7 Series SSDs are designed for gamers looking to upgrade their system’s overall responsiveness with something a little cheaper. more»