Vole chucks cash at Win 8 tablet peddlers

win8errorMicrosoft is trying to make Windows 8 a bit more appealing by offering resellers a $5 to $10 discount for select Windows 8 devices.

The incentive programme is focused on 21 Windows 8 devices, most of which are tablets or other touch-enabled devices, Computerworld UK reports.

With plummeting sales of traditional PCs, the move is hardly surprising, but the fact that Microsoft has singled out just 21 devices strikes us as odd to say the least.

The programme, dubbed “TouchWins” is clearly tailored to support emerging form factors and make Windows 8 tablets a bit cheaper, although they will remain hopelessly overpriced even with the $10 kickback.

“The whole idea is to provide incentives for the commercial channel for featured devices and tablets, PCs and tablets, and through this program we will provide incentives directly to authorized distributors, as well as reseller partners, who sell featured PCs and tablets that have Windows [8] Pro and are touch-enabled,” said Tami Reller, Windows division CFO.

Devices from nine OEMs, including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo, are eligible for TouchWins.

However, many of them are very pricey indeed, so the cash-back incentive won’t mean much.

One example is the Acer Aspire S7 touch enabled Ultrabook, starting at about $1,300. We’re not sure a $10 discount will make much of a difference in this price bracket.