VMware lets staff go

vmware-partner-link-bg-w-logoVMware has confirmed it is laying off “a small percentage” of its employees.

VMware CEO “kicking” Pat Gelsinger is refusing to say who is being let go, but we don’t think it will be him. A VMware spokesperson said the cuts were made this week but did not offer any further details as to which areas of the business will be affected.

“Workforce rebalancing is a continual activity across VMware’s businesses and geographies to ensure that resources are aligned with business objectives and customer needs. We continue to recruit in areas of strategic importance for the company.”

After completing its acquisition of EMC, Dell was rumoured to be axing up to 3,000 jobsĀ in 2016. VMware contributed $2 billion to Dell’s bottom line in Q3, after seeing its own revenue jump 52 percent. We guess the reward for those figures is getting rid of the winning team.

However the dark satanic rumour mill suggests that it is all part of VMWare’s war on Veeam. Product releases expected from Dell in early 2018 will have a stronger connection between VMware and Dell EMC’s data protection suite that will close the gap between Dell and Veeam.

VMware was built so it becomes an industry standard and, therefore, it has to be able to work with everybody. Veeam CEO Peter McKay came from VMware, so he knows where all the bodies are buried. A leaner and meaning VMWare might help KickingPat kick some bottom lines.