Venders are too slow to update partners on cloud


Cooked_snailsBeancounters at Accenture claim vendors are not updating their partner programmes quickly enough to factor in the cloud.

The consultancy said that technology vendors are struggling to update their channel rewards and incentives in line with the take-up of cloud and the as-a-service consumption.

Accenture Strategy sales strategy and transformation managing director Jason Angelos said that this means that channel companies are not incentivised to sell on the new models.

Talking at the Zyme channel data management (CDM) summit he said that a barrier for a lot of sales and commercial leaders is around the platform, the data and legacy operating model, what’s behind the scenes.

There are new commercial offers in place, but it’s still the old plumbing, processes, and partner programmes.

Angelos said that if a company¬†had $20 million in incentive funds and can isolate $8 million that’s underperforming, it¬†could reinvest that in smarter or more tailored programmes or getting the fundamental channel data in place or next level analytics partner support.

He said the biggest challenge for channel partners transitioning to a services-led approach is trying to manage two business models at once.

The Cloud was massive and was not a hundred percent of the business.

“There are two motions running parallel. It’s like changing the engines while the plane is flying.”