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Simms International takes on Intel SSD storage and memory work

thanks-for-the-memory-movie-poster-1938-1020198195Chipzilla has appointed Simms International as a UK distributor for its SSD storage and memory portfolios.

Simms International flogs Pretec and Kingston and sees Intel as part of a growth drive into data centres.

The company thinks that being an Intel partner will help the company build future-proof enterprise infrastructure with extraordinary performance and reliability.

Intel works with Arrow, Tech Data, Avnet, Ingram and Exertis as its memory distributors in the UK.

Intel has been paying a lot more attention to the memory market and has introduced a new Optane SSD 900P line of fast solid-state storage drives. The tech is based on 3D Xpoint, a new memory technology that Intel helped develop. 3D XPoint promises substantial performance enhancements over traditional NAND flash memory, which should make it suitable for customers looking for speedy storage drives.

Intel’s memory business is focused first and foremost around its data centre ambitions. Most of the NAND flash-based solid-state drives that it sells go into data centres, and it’s highly likely that the same will hold true for drives based on its 3D XPoint technology.