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Judges fired for watching porn

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 17.29.05The Lord Chief Justice has shown he is capable of being the Lord High Executioner after he fired three judges for watching pornography on official court kit.

Although the three judges weren’t looking at material that’s illegal in the UK, both the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice described their use of official accounts as “wholly unacceptable” and “inexcusable”.

The three judges are Timothy Bowles, Warren Grand and Peter Bullock – they’ve had their legal judges wigs removed from their heads. A fourth judge, Andrew Maw, resigned before the official inquiry was completed.

It’s most unusual for English judges to be shown the door and losing three at the same time is not really going to raise the public’s estimation of the process of justice.

The fact is that all four people have been remarkably daft for using their official IT kit to look at naughty pictures – it’s all too easy for IT departments to see what users are getting up to in their spare time on machines that have been issued to functionaries and executives.

The material isn’t illegal and no one would have given a toss if they’d viewed the smut on machines they paid for themselves.

Google’s blog platform acts to block porn

Google the OgleSearch giant Google said that after March 23rd this year, people using its Blogger platform won’t be able to show images or videos that are sexually explicit.

However, in a statement it said that Blogger will allow nudity “if the content offers a substantial public benefit, for example in artistic, educational, documentary or scientific contexts”.

Existing blogs that do have sexually explicit material will be made private after that date, and while no content will be deleted, “private content can only be seen by the owner or admins of the blog and the people who the owner shared the blog with”.

People that have material like this can remove the sexually explicit material to avoid being deleted or marked private.

Blogger did not say the reasons for it changing its terms and conditions.


Sky to auto-block web pornography

David CameronBroadband supplied by Sky will automatically stop customers from seeing pornography unless people actively opt out.
In a letter to its customers, it said that the Broadband Shield feature will be automatically enabled, unless people choose to change the settings.
Sky is the first broadband company in the UK to implement the policy.
UK prime minister David Cameron said two years ago he wanted mandatory online filtering of web sites to protect children.
Director of Sky Lyssa McGowan said the internet isn’t universally suitable for children.
In a blog on the Sky site, she wrote that it’s acting in the interests of security and online safety.
When dodgy sites are encountered by customers, a message will flash up on the screen and people will only be able to unblock specific pages by logging in and changing their settings.


China cracks down on porn

android-china-communistThe Chinese government is to levy fines on 11 internet companies for promoting violence and pornography, according to government owned news agency Xinhua.

Baidu, Tencent and nine more companies will be fined for breaking Chinese government rules on gambling, violence and pornography.

The internet companies have breached moral values, according to the Culture Ministry.

The revenue division of the ministry hasn’t said how much the companies will be fined but expressed the hope that big companies will offer “healthy, quality, cultural products”, according to Xinhua.

China has been engaged in its “moral crusade” since April this year, and has already levied fines on Sina, while it told Baidu to clean its Augean Stables of pornography in August.

The authoritarian government has already clamped down on online discussion sites, following the appointment of Xi Jinping as the state’s autocrat.