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Bynx partners with Netmetix for global delivery

LOD_Cloud_Diagram_as_of_September_2011Software house Bynx has turned to cloudy outfit Netmetix to assist in the delivery of their automotive software solutions across the globe.

Bynx makes automotive software for vehicle leasing, contract hire, fleet management and vehicle rental, and Netmetix provides the Microsoft Azure Platform.

Bynx wanted to expand its offering to include additional international territories and required a solution to fit its needs that is both efficient and cost-effective.

Since Bynx was looking to deliver its applications to far-reaching destinations, it was imperative that speed remained a priority. Therefore, to tackle any potential latency issues that could occur as a result of the international deployment, Netmetix suggested that the Microsoft Azure Platform would sort this out.

The first international project that Netmetix delivered for Bynx was for a potential customer based in Mexico. Netmetix identified that the Azure Data Centre in Houston, Texas could reduce latency and prove that the application delivery speed was accurate. Netmetix delivered a bespoke package, designed to Bynx’s required specifications that were fully configured, monitored and supported across multiple time zones.

Bynx was able to formally finalise a deal with its customer in Mexico, not least in thanks to the Azure platform which Netmetix provided.

Netmetix has since been working on further opportunities with Bynx to manage the delivery of its applications from other international sites including the UAE, Australia and China. One recent project required Netmetix to deliver services for one of Bynx’s clients located in Norway, for which the Microsoft data centre in Amsterdam, Europe, was ideally positioned to provide an efficient and reliable service.

Paul Blore, MD at Netmetix comments: “Our ongoing partnership with Bynx is an inspiring opportunity to provide infrastructure to an organisation which is expanding around the world. We’re looking forward to assisting Bynx with many more  international rollouts in the future.”


Netmetix scores Fantoo cloud project

cloudbustWorkplace productivity provider Fantoo has recruited cloudy outfit Netmetix to move from a Microsoft direct licence to a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) model in a bid to reduce costs.

As a Microsoft tenant, Fantoo was paying the maximum costs for its cloud services and those costs were spiraling. It quickly became apparent that these associated costs were not sustainable for the start-up business and needed to be minimised. After deliberation, the business began the process of looking to move from being a direct Microsoft Tenant to working with a CSP.

After researching various cloud providers, Fantoo finally chose Netmetix as it was the best fit for what the business needed and was also recommended to them through another client. Although the partnership is still in its early stages, Fantoo has so far recorded a cost reduction of 50 percent for its cloud services from changing license types. By only migrating the information the business required, rather than all the information the business had, Netmetix has been able to significantly reduce the cloud costs for the business.

,Netmetix MD Paul Blore said:  “We’re really excited to be working with Fantoo. It’s a great company and the partnership has been a success so far with the business reporting a huge cost saving within a short timeframe. We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to provide the infrastructure and services to meet their needs now, and in the future.”

Fantoo Sales Director Mark Buckley added: “Netmetix were very approachable and no issue was a problem, they were very professional in what they did and very “human” with a personal touch. What I found with our Netmetix engineer, Oana, is that she really listened to our needs and offered valuable advice and alternative approaches to the way we were thinking. She went out of her way to accommodate our needs and our timelines to deliver the project on time and to plan.

“It’s difficult to see how any on-premise server solutions today, or services, can offer any value above what the cloud can offer, today and going forward. Cloud services are more scalable, quicker to deliver, offer more business value than any on-premise server offered today. Our business could not operate in any other way now. We are cloud and we’re cloud through and through.”