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Hitachi Data Systems targets telco big data

server-racksThe IT division of Hitachi said it has started to sell an analytics package aimed at telecom service providers.

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) said that its Live Insight for Telecom is aimed at giving providers real time information into networks, services and application level performance.

This, HDS claims, will let them predict network activity using both real time and historical data in parallel

Analytics is big business now – for example IBM is betting the farm on big data and the cloud.

So companies like HDS are claiming their products will reduce subscriber “churn”, lower the operational costs and give them new sources of revenue.

HDS claims that are close to seven billion mobile subscribers worldwide, with 78 percent of households in the developed world connected to the web.

But, it continues, even though telco providers can access tens o

Hitachi Data Systems buys oXya

Clouds in Oxford: pic Mike MageeThe IT division of Hitachi said it is to buy oxYa.

The company is a provider of services for cloud and SAP products. The acquisition will be complete by the end of March and the 500 employees and the company will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Data Systems (HDS).

HDS did not say how much it paid for the company, which has over 200,000 people using its SAP services.

The company said it will now be able to offer extended portfolio of cloud and managed services for its customers and the acquisition will help HDS to collaborate and deliver and management of large environments.

The reason for the acquisition, according to VP Hicham Abdessamad, was because customers demand “as a service” options that let them keep up with the fast pace of cloud based systems.

He said oxYa offered an expanded set of application-as-a-service offerings for both the hybrid and for public clouds.