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Nvidia takes lead in add in graphics

nvidia-shieldJon Peddie Research (JPR), which specialises in tracking the graphics and multimedia sectors, said that Nvidia took the lead in add in boards (AIBs) in the fourth quarter of 2014.

However, the overall shipments of AIBs fell by 17.52 percent, compared to the same quarter in 2013.

JPR puts the decline down to incursions from tablet sales and machines that use embedded graphics chips, rather than the discrete chips used in AIBs.

While there is still money to be made in the games market, JPR said AIBs tied to desktop PCs fell from 63 percent in the first quarter of 2008 to only 36 percent in this quarter.

AMD showed a drop of desktop AIBs of 16 percent, while it seems that Nvidia managed to grow its share by 5.5 percent. Nvidia now has 76 percent of this particular segment.

Total shipments in the quarter amounted to 12.4 million units.


Nvidia graphics cards launch in March

nvidia-gangnam-style-330pxReliable sources said Nvidia is to release a number of products in March this year, while the price of existing products drops this month.
The GeForce GT 930 2GB, the 940 2GB, the GTX 950 2GB and the GeForce GTX 950 Ti 2GB will all be released in March this year.
This month the price of existing GTX 950, 960 and 960 Ti drops 0 with the prices at amazon being £162, £160 and £270 respectively.
The new cards are expected to use the Nvidia “Maxwell” architecture.
The GTX 950 Ti 2GB supports a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels, has 80 texture mapping units, takes 85 watts, has a memory speed of 1350MHz, a memory bandwidth of 86.4 GBsec and will be released on the 1st of March this year.  It will use 28 nanometre transistors.
While Nvidia still generates most of its revenues from graphics products, it is now making a serious attempt to diversity its business into different spheres,