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Sky to auto-block web pornography

David CameronBroadband supplied by Sky will automatically stop customers from seeing pornography unless people actively opt out.
In a letter to its customers, it said that the Broadband Shield feature will be automatically enabled, unless people choose to change the settings.
Sky is the first broadband company in the UK to implement the policy.
UK prime minister David Cameron said two years ago he wanted mandatory online filtering of web sites to protect children.
Director of Sky Lyssa McGowan said the internet isn’t universally suitable for children.
In a blog on the Sky site, she wrote that it’s acting in the interests of security and online safety.
When dodgy sites are encountered by customers, a message will flash up on the screen and people will only be able to unblock specific pages by logging in and changing their settings.


Social networks under fire over soldier’s murder

facebokFacebook is under attack in the UK because it failed to supply information needed which might have prevented the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

Michael Adebowale, one of the killers of the soldier, had 11 Facebook accounts but GCHQ has only seen six of those despite requests.

A parliamentary committee said yesterday that Adebowale used Facebook to communicate with a Yemeni Al Qaeda operative but the social network’s auto warning system didn’t register the conversations.

The sister of Lee Rigby claims Facebook has “blood on their hands”.  The committee said Facebook had failed to turn over all the information GCHQ requested.

But it’s not just Facebook that was criticised in the parliamentary report –  Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and Blackberry don’t accept the UK has any jurisdiction over content.

PM David Cameron has joined in on criticising Facebook but this morning a former senior civil servant at MI6 said that policing Facebook is “almost impossible” because of the amount of data posted on a daily basis.

Facebook said it doesn’t allow terrorist content on its site and stops people using the social networking site for such purposes. The problem appears to be that the US legal jurisdiction prevents US companies from sharing this type of information with foreign powers.

Inflation fell in January

David CameronThe Office of National Statistics (ONS) said that inflation in the UK fell to 1.9 percent in January.

But if you measure inflation using the Retail Prices index, it rose to 2.8 percent in January from 2.7 percent in December 2012.

The ONS said that inflation fell because furniture, alcohol and tobacco prices along with recreational goods and services fell. Prime minister David Cameron (pictured) welcomed the news.

In other UK business news, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) called for an overhaul of business rates. The BRC said shops’ business rates should be based on energy use and the creation of jobs.

The BRC described the existing system as outdated and cimbersome.  The UK government plans to release a report later this year to discuss the matter.

Fruit and veg saves UK’s bacon

David CameronInflation in the UK fell to two percent in December 2013 – hitting the Bank of England’s target for the rate.

The Office for National Statistics released the data today and said that the prices of food, including fruit and veg and bacon had slowed down their inflationary trend.

But while food has saved the Bank of England’s bacon, fuel prices rose in December.

Prime minister David Cameron expressed his delight at the news and claimed that as the economy grew and more jobs came into existence, that meant more security for people lucky enough to have jobs.

The news is bad news for savers though – because it means the Bank of England is unlikely to raise interest rates any time real soon now.

Connections Recruitment increases IT job reach and apprenticeships

Hands across the waterConnections, a family owned recruitment company, is increasing its client and candidate reach.

It has also said it will broaden its offerings and recruitment for IT posts as well as make more moves into apprenticeships.

The company, which has survived tough economic times, running since 1985, employs 15 recruitment specialists and operates from offices in Manchester city centre, Sale and Stockport.

It currently rakes in a turn over of £5 million, but has said that it now wants to ramp this up by 20 percent .

It claims that over the the past 28 years it has placed in excess of 15,000 people in permanent jobs throughout the North West, while it’s also doing its bit for apprentices recently promoting its first apprentice and planning to take on a second to train them in all administrative aspects of the job.

The move is sure to please Prime Minister David Cameron who earlier this month claimed that apprenticeships should  become the “new norm” for school kids who choose not to get into debt by going to university.

Connections works with clients from sole traders to global PLCs and recruits for roles in administration, customer services, accounting, finance, HR, recruitment, logistics, buying, textiles, sales and marketing.

Jonathan Dobkin, co-owner of Connections, said the company’s plan had always been to grow the business organically and expand divisional offering.

PM Cameron wants more apprenticeships

DCApprenticeships could become the “new norm” for school kids who choose not to get into debt by going to university if the Prime Minister has his way.

Clearly impressed by Donald Trump and Alan Sugar who have pushed these schemes into the limelight, David Cameron has said he now wants to see this training sitting “at the heart” of the government’s mission to rebuild the economy.

The PM will now call on the industry to make these schemes available to school leavers when he visits a training academy in Buckinghamshire.

The moves come as National Apprenticeship Week kicks off today. And it is clear Cameron wants to show he’s doing something for this, showing that his party is committed to helping teens get into work.

According to Whitehall, more than 500,000 people started an apprenticeship between 2011 and 2012.  The Centre for Economics and Business Research have also claimed that  completed apprenticeships over the next 10 years could contribute up to £3.4 billion a year to the UK economy through productivity gains by 2022.

Cameron is expected to claim that schemes such as these give school leavers the chance to learn a trade and build their careers which in turn helps boost the economy.

He will also tell MPs that they need to look at how apprenticeships can be expanded so they are available to all.

Voucher hell breaks loose in Blighty

davidwillettsSeveral people we know have lost quite a lot of money in Christmas presents owing to HMV going down the gunnel.

Our advice, then, to anyone who got vouchers as part of a Christmas present is, to spend, spend, spend.

One source told ChannelEye that her twin boys could not redeem HMV vouchers yesterday. So a net loss and a disappointment, for the kids,  by and large.

If you have a “voucher”, redeem it. And redeem it fast. Who knows which company is going to go down the tube, next?

There is somethimg very dodgy about this, and ChannelEye is watching it closely.