Sony sued by former employees

sony_logo_720Sony has been sued by two former employees for failing to protect their personal data during the recent mega-hack of the company.

The former employees say the movie studio of failed to protect Social Security numbers, healthcare records, salaries and other data from computer hackers.

A proposed class action lawsuit against Sony was filed in Los Angeles. It alleges that the company failed to secure its computer network and protect confidential information.

Sony is already reeling from the disclosures in documents released by the hackers, which have exposed internal discussions to the great unwashed.

The lawsuit seeks class action status on behalf of all former and current employees of Sony in the United States whose personally identifiable information was compromised in the breach.

Sony “knew or should have known that such a security breach was likely” given a 2011 hack of its PlayStation video game network and recent data breaches at retailers, the lawsuit said.

Sony agreed to pay $15 million to  make the PlayStation case go away.  The plaintiffs are asking for compensation for any damages as well as credit monitoring services, identity theft insurance and other assistance.