Smartphones to aid Parkinson’s victims

smartphones-genericA team of software developers at Aston University have designed tech that will help doctors diagnose Parkinson’s disease.

According to the BBC, it is hard for doctors to be sure of a diagnosis without being able to monitor their speech and movements over a period of time.

But because smartphones have motion detectors, GPS capabilities as well as a microphone, it’s possible to provide additional data for doctors once a patient has left a surgery.

Apparently, changes in people’s voices can be an early symptom of the disease and in a recent study 17,000 individuals provided voice samples over the phone. And motion sensors can be used to measure the way a person moves.

Aston University, in cooperation with the University of Rochester NY are looking for 2,500 people to download the app to their smartphones and perform different tests.

You can find more at the BBC, here.