Scientists invent “bulletproof” batteries

Boeing 787 Dreamliner - Wikimedia CommonsLithium ion batteries are notorious for overheating because of short circuits – whether they’re in notebooks, in phones or in Boeing 787 Dreamliners.
But now scientists at the University of Michigan say they’ve come up with some tech that will help prevent disaster disrupting your dreams.
The team has made nano fibres from Kevlar which stops metal tendrils shorting out batteries. Kevlar is used in bulletproof vests.
And the material isn’t a long way away.   The scientists estimate that mass production will start in the fourth quarter of next year.
Nicholas Kotov, a professor of engineering at the University, said: “Unlike other ultra strong materials such as carbon nanotubes, Kevlar is an insulator.  This property is perfect for separators that need to prevent shorting between two electrodes.”