Scientists claim quantum computing first

Quantum computingA team of researchers based in Canada says that it has a new method to generate photon pair sources that will fit into a computer chip.

Professor Roberto Morandotti of INRS-EMT  said mixed up photon pairs from devices smaller than a square millimetre, could well form the basis of quantum optical communication and computing technology.

One of the team said the process to generate polarised photons only creates particles with the same polarisation, and are then “entangled” by mixing the states. But the team said it has found a way to direcly generate cross polarised photon pairs.

The technique involves using two separate laser beams at different wavelengths and use a micro ring resonator to amplify quantum effects.

The fabrication method for the chips is compatible with electronic chips and will allow its devices to co-exist with standard integrated circuits.

The illustration above shows how cross polarised red and blue pump photons are spun into a microring resonator to generate cross polarised correlated photons, illustrated in green and yellow.