Scale Computing gets Lenovo cash to live on the edge

Scale Computing has raised $34.8 million with Lenovo putting up the cash.

The Lenovo cash injection comes after the pair announced a global partnership which will see them create an edge computing product aimed at firms with highly distributed infrastructures.

Scale has doubled its revenue over the past two years with its retail sector revenue quadrupling.

The Series F round has been split in two, with the first part closing at $21.2 million and the second set to close by the end of the year.

Scale CEO Jeff Ready said: “We have experienced tremendous growth over the past two years, driven by our unique capability to automate the administration of a fully converged platform. This round of funding, combined with our new partnership with Lenovo, enables us to reach customers at a global scale instantly.”

Allos Ventures also took part. Don Aquilano of Allos Ventures said: “Scale is a company which has exceeded its plans for more than two years. We are thrilled with the company’s performance and market leadership as edge computing moves to the forefront of IT. No company is better positioned to take advantage of this global trend.”