SANS: Businesses get security analytics wrong

datacentrebatteriesAlthough analytics software is a necessary trend for many businesses, companies who’ve splashed out aren’t putting the tools to use properly, according to a survey.

The SANS Institute asked 647 respondents, in collaboration with Guidance Software, HP, Hexis Cyber Solutions, LogRhythm and SolarWinds, about analytics habits within their companies.

Just 10 percent of those surveyed were confident their company could use data sets to analyse security trends, despite as many as 77 percent collecting and monitoring information logs.

Most companies are still relying on log management – at 49 percent – or SIEM platforms – at 47 percent. As few as 17 percent are making use of advanced threat intelligence, according to the report.

Senior SANS analyst and report author Dave Shackleford said there are emerging challenges that traditional SIEM or log management don’t necessarily address. “More scalable and flexible analytics platforms are gaining interest and attention from the security community, and will likely continue to do so, given the threats and attacks we face today,” Shackleford said.