Samsung pushing into Blackberry’s security territory

shoe phoneSamsung is managing to take over Blackberry’s mobile customers by promising them a layer of security to the standard Android.

Blackberry was always able to target business customers and government contracts because of its encrypted network system.

However it is starting to look like that is coming unstuck. Samsung is close to signing deals for its devices with the FBI and the US Navy, which have been traditional Blackberry customers.

Blackberry’s offerings have been looking somewhat out of date in comparison to the Android phones out there, however Blackberry has been able to claim that it was much more secure than anything else on the market.

That is where Samsung’s  KNOX slots into the market.  Samsung is touting it as a “comprehensive enterprise mobile solution” . KNOX addresses the mobile security needs of enterprise IT without invading the privacy of its employees.

In addition Samsung has hired executives away from BlackBerry, creating an enterprise-focused division within the company, and collaborating with third-party software firms.

Getting high profile contracts is an import step.  In the US Samsung also appears to be doing well, winning corporate customers from companies like American Airlines.