Raxton Data rebrands after stonking year

spamCloud based email security outfit Raxton Data, has rebranded itself after what it calls “an exceptional year”.

The company is now calling itself EveryCloud Technologies, we guess Raxton Data was a bit too formal as the name did not seem to have much to do with the company any more,

The company said that it now has more than 100 resellers and 50,000 end users with customers, ranging from small SMEs all the way up to global organisations.

Graham O’Reilly, EveryCloud CEO and Co-Founder claims that EveryCloud Technologies, is among the UK’s fastest growing cloud service providers.

He said that it is now scanning millions of emails every day thanks to having some good antispam software, O’Reilly said.

The name needed to change to reflect where the company is now and where it is going, he claimed.

David Thornton, Technical Manager from Triumph Technologies said that he used EveryCloud’s anti-spam system for around 50 of its customers and have been extremely pleased with its flexibility and accuracy at which it blocks spam.

EveryCloud Technologies was founded in 2009 by Matt Baker and Graham O’Reilly, who describe themselves as two British chaps tired of bad customer service in technology.

It provides cloud based services which allows businesses to security share files and protect against spam and virus attacks.