PayPal launches iOS SDK

paypal-logoPayPal has released a new SDK for Apple’s iOS platform and the new kit is expected to speed up development, open up a host of new possibilities and make life easier for developers.

At the moment, iOS apps using PayPal have to redirect traffic to web based gateway systems, making the whole process more complicated, time consuming and slower. However, the new SDK should help integrate services in apps themselves, greatly reducing developers’ workloads.

PayPal CTO James Barrese hopes the new SDK will give developers more freedom to focus on innovating rather than handling the complex task of sorting out mobile payments.

“We listened when our developers said they wanted better capabilities from us, and now we’re doubling down on our developer programs to deliver the best tools in the industry,” he said.

Since the PayPal payment service will not be integrated into apps, consumer will be able to complete their transactions without leaving the app, greatly streamlining the process. PayPal also released a new API that should enable developers to integrate a clever card digitization feature. The new approach will let users simply take a picture of their cards, letting the app scoop up all the details from the photo, which is much easier than typing them in.

Best of all, PayPal claims its new Java Script PayPal button can be integrated into apps with just five lines of code, which is roughly a fortnight in developer parlance.