Cloud channel will not have long to wait for US data pact

grandpa_simpson_yelling_at_cloudThose resellers who sell cloud services for US companies in the EU will be relieved to discover that the US is close to coming up with a new “Safe Harbour” deal.

Safe Harbour was a fast-track process that US companies could use to comply with European data protection law, which prevents EU citizens’ personal data being transferred to non-EU countries deemed to have insufficient privacy safeguards. more»

Financial services offer rubbish security

BouncerFoxFeatureKaspersky Lab and B2B International have worked out that a third of financial services don’t offer customers a secure channel for all their online payments.

This is despite the fact that 62 percent of these organisations have noticed a significant rise in their customers making financial transactions online, and 50 per cent believe online financial fraud is increasing. more»

Western Digital to buy SanDisk

westerndigitalWestern Digital is almost certain to buy the memory chipmaker SanDisk as part of the consolidation of the chip industry.

Word on the street is that the pair are in “advanced talks” which is business speak for working out who gets access to the executive gym and inherits the CEO’s drinks collection. more»