Nimans gets into laptops

File_5906_JPEG-WebNimans, which is normally associated with comms distribution thinks that now is the time to get into selling laptops.

While many are trying to get out flogging hardware Nimans the time was apparently right to provide its resellers with access to a hardware range that provides both a tablet and a laptop in one package.

The outfit works with Venturer and thinks it can offer products that should appeal because of the decent prices and the Windows 10 compatibility.

At the heart of the cunning plan is the idea is this concept of “convergence” between coms and traditional IT data. Concrete examples proved thin on the ground.

Nimans gets Venturer’s “reseller base” which should be a foot in the door. If the laptop market stabilises this year, as predicted, it might actually be in the right place at the right time. More enterprises start to migrate away from older versions of the Windows OS this year.