“Murderer” relied on Apple to hide body

appleThe award for the most stupid Apple fanboy of the year has to go to a bloke who relied on Apple’s Siri to find him a good place to hide the body of his murder victim.

A Florida man currently on trial for murder reportedly attempted to use Siri to garther ideas about where to bury the body of his dead roommate, a court was told.

Prosecutors said that a University of Florida student named Pedro Bravo was incandescent with rage with his roommate in late September of 2012 over a dispute involving an ex- girlfriend and strangled him

Bravo then turned on Siri on his iPhone and entered the following query, “I need to hide my roommate”.

Siri was rather helpful and asked him what kind of place he was looking for? Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal Foundries. Dumps.

Following Siri’s advice, police say he buried the body in a makeshift grave in a forest close to Bravo’s apartment. During the same period he asked Siri for advice on where to hide the body, also used a flashlight app nine times which detectives think helped him see while he buried the body.

What Bravo did not know was that during a murder inquiry, Siri will squeal like a stuck pig to the cops and all computer records are handed over.

The trial is continuing, and even if Bravo didn’t do it, his conversation with Siri makes him look a little suspicious.