Mobile market prepares for bendy screens

7746.yoga5LG Display is about to kickstart the mass production of smartphone bending display screens.

According to the Korea Times, the flexible displays are expected to be in the channel ready to ship to OEMs.

In a statement to the Times the company said that it had completed the development of its first flexible displays.

It will be using a 4.5th generation glass-cutting technology for the OLED flexible displays. Monthly capacity for the line was set as 12,000 sheets.

LG spokesman Frank Lee said there was a rapid need for display advancements.
Already LG is hoping to get the leg over its rivals by releasing a smartphone with the technology later this year..

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology used in the LG bendable display screens is apparently thinner, lighter, and more flexible than conventional LCD displays.

While it is unbreakable and bendable smartphones could curve with a user’s body movements so that the devices sit more comfortably in a pocket or pack into any number of compartments.

When the sudden rush of flexible screens come out, it could kickstart the smartphone market which has suddenly ground to a hold as the US and European market became saturated.