Intel releases eight core desktop CPU

Core-i7-EE-chip-538x600Chipzilla has released its first eight core desktop CPU targeted at gamers and computer users who need a little extra.

Dubbed  Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition processor, the chip has 16 computing threads which, along with support for the latest DDR4 memory.  On paper at least it should create some of the fastest desktop systems yet seen.

Lisa Graff, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Desktop Client Platform Group claimed that the whole thing was a reinvention of the desktop’ which is a mantra Intel has come up with since the beginning of the year.  After all chucking more power at desktop units has never been tried before, and Intel seems to think that doing what it always has done is going to stop people saying that the PC is dead.

To be fair, outfits like Alienware seem to think that the eight-core extreme processor is pretty good too. It has installed it under the bonnet of its new Alienware Area-51. Using new overclocking and monitoring features in Alienware Command Center 4.0, it has got the processors to go like the clappers.

Intel has released a slightly less interesting six-core version and the prices in its new range start from $389 and range to $999.