Google unlocks advertising secret — don’t trust Google

google-ICSearch engine outfit Google has realised that the secret to getting people to install its home monitoring equipment is to pretend that it has nothing to do with it.

The outfit has started selling connected thermostat, its connected smoke alarm and its Dropcam monitors to the great unwashed.

The only problem is that Google has a bit of a rap sheet when it comes to personal privacy, and a in a moment of self-awareness, twigged that no one really trusts it. The common perception is that if Google was involved monitoring you, it must be selling some of your personal data  somewhere else.  If you have a dropcam monitor in your bog, and you have difficultly having a bowel movement, your computer will display shedloads of laxative adverts.

Google has got around the problem by not mentioning its name in any of its nationally televised ads and has made the adverts funny.

Nest is advertising itself with the image that it is a tiny bit weird to put these things into your home. But they’re also cool – and there is no question that Google is spying on you.

You can see the adverts here  and they do not mention the G word.

It is uncertain that this will be enough to ease punters fears about Google doing evil to their smoke alarm.