FusionExperience gets SAP silver status

sapbeerSAP has awarded business and tech company FusionExperience with silver partner status, granting it access to the usual resources, services and benefits to help it build a customer base through SAP.

The company will gain access to a wider range of software for clients, and FusionExperience believes the partnership will build on its current portfolio it can offer to clients.

FusionExperience has brought SAP Sybase IQ and SAP Hana into its own Big Data and Visualisation offerings, which the company promises extends the range of services it can offer to clients.

FusionExperience’s CEO, Steve Edkins, said that now the company is both a VAR and service partner with SAP, his company can act as a single supply source for all of SAP’s database and technology kit, and that includes advice, training, implementation, support, and providing licences.

“The benefits for our clients are the access to a single source of experts that are constantly kept abreast of the latest SAP developments and reduction in total cost of ownership for SAP technology,” Edkins said.

FusionExperience said it plans to take an active role in supporting, customising, and deploying SAP systems.