Exclusive Networks pushes into Israel

Exclusive Networks has entered the Israeli market by writing a cheque for  SecureWave, an independent cybersecurity VAD based in Tel Aviv.

SecureWave distributes to around 250 resellers, SIs and service providers. Its major vendors are Fortinet, Nutanix and Infoblox, which Exclusive Group said are all “strategic to Exclusive’s cyber and cloud transformation portfolios”.

Its CEO Olivier Breittmayer said Exclusive Group’s partners would benefit immediately from the shared vendor investment the acquisition brings.

“This acquisition is about more than just filling in the gaps of our EMEA footprint – it represents a fantastic opportunity to tap into a significant new local market and use our in-country presence to extend relationships with Israel-based technology innovators”,  he said.

SecureWave is the second acquisition in the Middle East. In November 2013, Exclusive bought up Secureway, a security specialist distributor with 60 offices in Dubai and Riyadh.

SecureWave also marks the third acquisition for the group since it received a €1.3 billion cash injection last April when Frankfurt-based private equity giant Permira acquired it.