Euro Parliament votes for Google breakup

euroflagzThe European Parliament has sort of voted to break up Google into little bits, separating the search function from its other businesses.

The resolution was passed today with 384 in favour and 174 against – but the vote is more of a gesture than a resolution because the Parliament has no power to split it up.

What it does mean is that there is additional pressure put on the European Commission to step up its now four year long inquiry into Google’s alleged dominance of the market – domination that the Mountain View, California company denies.

Google maintains it has plenty of competition from a number of companies including Amazon, Expedia and others.

The parliamentarians are supported by a number of lobbyists and by publishers in Europe such as the Axel Springer group, which alleges Google has way too much power to influence the market.

Google hasn’t formally replied to the vote at press time, but has mounted a spin offensive in Europe over the last few months in an attempt to show that it isn’t evil, but is a force for good.