EkkoSense taps Crawford for telecoms unit

colin_crawford-418x315EkkoSense has appointed Colin Crawford to head up its expanding Telecoms and Broadcast business unit.

EkkoSense supports  telecoms and broadcast firms with its comprehensive portfolio of turnkey network cooling solutions and services.

In his new role, Colin Crawford will be responsible for promoting the company’s distinctive balanced cooling approach, and will be particularly focused on resolving the thermal management challenge for telecoms and broadcast organisations as they increasingly try to introduce more and more network power into limited enclosures. Colin has spent the last ten years developing and implementing major network cooling approaches for leading organisations such as Telefonica and Vodafone during his previous roles at CommScope, Dantherm Group and 4energy.

EkkoSense supports telecoms and broadcast firms with comprehensive balanced cooling strategies, as well as ongoing estate management services, site audits and analysis using the company’s innovative sensors and 3D visualisation software.

Dean Boyle, CEO of EkkoSense said: “with experience in assisting some of the world’s largest organisations in optimising the thermal performance of their networks, EkkoSense is an ideal partner for telecoms and broadcast businesses as they seek to secure the maximum performance from their business-critical network assets. With Colin Crawford joining EkkoSense to head up our Telecoms and Broadcast team we’ll be working closely with our industry partners and customers to develop our work in this area, with a particular focus on improving network reliability, increasing capacity and maximizing systems lifespan for their existing network assets.”

Crawford said: “Optimised network performance is always conditional on the consistent performance of thermally-sensitive transmission equipment, and that’s particularly the case in the telecoms and broadcast sector where thermal optimisation is becoming more and more critical. Over the last few years EkkoSense has quickly established itself as a key solutions and services provider in this area, and I look forward to helping further establish the company in these critical markets