Comodo hit by billing database woes

komodo-dragonDigital certificate firm Comodo suffered a nasty database problem that affected its billing systems.

As part of its repair work Comodo had to  restore to a nine day old database.  According to an email sent by the company:

”Comodo’s CA licence database is having to be being restored. The initial restore has already taken place and all orders placed before 03-May-2017 12:19:52 UTC are being correctly managed.

“Some orders placed after 03-May-2017 12:19:52 UTC may not be obtainable. We are now working on resolving this. We do understand your situation. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

The problems kicked off on Thursday when a digital certificate reseller noted an “unscheduled outage” of of Comodo’s CA (certificate authority) billing service because of database problems.

Comodo has a good track record of minimising unscheduled maintenance but it had problems with its billing systems that are yet to be fully resolved. There were no problems issuing certificates.

What happened was that a database that deals with Comodo’s orders and billing for the certificates and some related services spat out multiple errors and corrupted the database.

The certificates themselves are present in multiple systems, so were not lost. But the company’s ordering and billing system was unavailable for about 20 hours.

Comdo are backfilling the missing data over the next 24 hours, and some customers were unable to self-manage the lifecycle of some recently issued certificates.