Clarizen goes for cloud busting projects

cloudbustAn Israeli start up that kicked off specialising in project management software claims that its cloud software now has widespread applications for all enterprises that need to manage the shape of their business.

Clarizen, which started eight years ago specialising in project management and is now based in the USA. A number of blue chip and public sector bodies are using its software as a collaborative tool to manage initiatives in the cloud.

With 10 employees in the UK and 200 people worldwide, Clarizen customers include several NHS units, Barclaycard, Unipart, Wells Fargo, Hayes Recruitment, Machete, and a number of financial enterprises.

Russell Hanley, who was the first UK employee 18 months ago, said his company aimed to connect what he dubbed “islands of activity” in an organisation, uniting discussions, process and content.

He said that the product was 100 percent based in the cloud and device and browser independent – and an example of software as a service (SaaS).

The software, he said, should be treated just like a mobile phone app. It’s sold using a subscription model and the cost depends on the number of users, the type of access and whether organisations opt in for support, maintenance and training.

Hanley said Clarizen is set to create data centres in the UK and in Holland. He said that his customers want cloud compliance, but there are few enterprises with no presence in the cloud.

Clarizen is a privately listed company that received its third round of VC funding last year of $35 million.