Channel needs to educate on SD-WAN

SD-WAN is supposed to be a big disruption for businesses, but the technology will hit the rocks unless the channel educates  users about it.

Research from Cogeco Peer-1 has indicated that 72 percent of customers do not fully understand SD-WAN and a third worry it will disrupt their business and not far off half concerned about the security issues.

Director of product at Cogeco Peer 1 Tom Adams said that those who have gone down the software defined route have seen OPEX, cost and efficiency savings and the channel will need to get more customers over the hurdle of hesitation to the adoption stage.

“Businesses understand the importance of SD-WAN to digital transformation, but there is a lack of knowledge about how to start implementing it”, he said.

The firm’s survey found that because of the lack of understanding many firms were looking to outsource SD-WAN deployment to a managed service provider.

Users thought that not only would it reduce headaches but using a specialist would result in quicker deployment and cost savings.

EMEA channel sales manager at Cogeco Peer 1 Dave Tracey said that vendors and channel partners need to educate organisations around SD-WAN and ensure SD-WAN packages come with a high level of consultancy and support.