Blue LEDs life extended

blooScientists said they have made a breakthrough and extended the lifetime of blue organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) by 10 times.

The discovery, made by scientists at the University of Michigan, could lead to longer battery life for smartphones and lower power consumption for large screen TVs.

Three colours are provided in OLED displays but the improvement in efficiency could lead to blue OLEDs being five to 20 percent efficient soon.

Right now, blue OLEDs have a shorter lifetime because high energies are needed to produce blue light.

But the team sandwiched a thin film of light emitting material between two conductive layers one is for electrons and one for holes. The holes represent the absence of an electron and light is created when electrons and holes meet.  The team changed the distribution of the two and found they’d extended the life of the blue OLED 10 fold. The discovery was made in collaboration with commercial venture Universal Display Corp.