Avaya releases IP Office

avaya logoAvaya has announced the global release of the new version of Avaya IP Office which is a UC platform.

The latest version adds support for Avaya Equinox and new capabilities that provide an enterprise-level experience with the ease of use and management that small and midsize businesses require.

Chris McGugan, SVP, Solutions and Technologies, Avaya. said that by providing a single app to access all the tools they need to efficiently communicate and collaborate “we’re truly enabling teams to work smarter, not harder”.

The company said the product was a huge market opportunity for Avaya and its partners.

“IP Office serves an enormous base – 26 million users and growing. The new release is the most scalable solution in the market today and the only one that offers contact centre-like features to any size of business, embedded in one solution package. Users now have the richness of enterprise UC solutions, all in a single application, on premise or in the cloud”, McGugan said.

Solution provider and Avaya  partner Derek Gray, Carousel Cloud Solutions said that it’s important that it had a record of live conversations to ensure that it had a reference point of critical elements affecting a client’s satisfaction.

“Chronicall with IP Office logs everything that happens on the call, providing us with call history, recording and real-time reporting, with a clean, easy to use interface. This not only provides us with what we need, but is also a perfect fit for our customers.”

Partners using Avaya’s Powered by IP Office cloud platform also benefit from these new capabilities and can offer them to new or existing customers in either a full cloud or hybrid cloud deployment delivery model. Partners will also have new installation wizards and management tools to make it even easier and faster to deploy and manage both premises-based and cloud options. For example, the new Cloud Operations Manager simplifies administration of large multi-customer cloud deployments, upgrades, patching and application inventory with role-based administration that helps ensure security.