Aussies are bush-ranging the European SEO market

ned kellyAfter Europe thought it had effectively transported them, it appears that the Australians have found a gap in the Search Engine Optimisation market in the EU and are coming back.

Nu Studio, which is based Perth, has made moves to expand his company into Ireland and it will be pushing into the UK market next.

But Founder Steve Deane said that he had no intention of going to Europe himself and would run the business using resellers on the ground.

It is not that difficult to run SEO businesses in the cloud and the outfit is setting up reseller arrangements in Ireland and the UK. Work is sent back to the team in Perth. While that only gives them four hours of business, thanks to time zone issues there is plenty of time to make important phone calls and sort out any issues, he said.

He admits that the Irish economic climate the greatest at the moment and is not hitting the headlines for any good reason, but the small business and start-up market is still pretty strong. It is that particular market which is of interest to his company.

Since Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most cost effective marketing options for start-ups it is an obvious choice for business owners, Deane said.

One of the things he is trying to establish is an operation which gets repeat business. At the moment the SEO industry is plagued by those who have a churn and burn attitude towards clients, he added.