Assange still faces extradition

Flag of EcuadorA Swedish court today confirmed that an arrest warrant against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange still stands, and the country wants him extradited.

Assange, who is holed up in the Ecuador embassy in London, faces charges of sexual assault, charges that he strenuously denies.

He jumped bail and sought sanctuary in the embassy two years ago.  He claims the reason why he’s avoiding extradition is because he fears he will be extradited to the USA to face serious secrecy charges.

The Stockholm court of appeal said that Assange is suspected of crimes of a serious nature.  It refused to withdraw the warrant because, it said, it fears he will avoid legal proceedings or punishment.

In 2012 he lost an appeal with the UK Supreme Court to avoid extradition and that’s when he took to the embassy, where Sweden, the UK and the USA have no jurisdiction.

The charges relate to accusations of sexual misconduct and rape from two women when he visited Sweden in 2010.

British police are waiting to arrest him and extradite him the moment he leaves the embassy.