Apple seems to hold little hope for its iWatch

fobwatchIt seems that the fruity cargo cult, Apple does not have the same hope for its iWatch as many commentators in the Tame Apple Press.

Yesterday Apple made changes to its reporting process which aims to obscure sales results. For example the fading iPod will not be identified on the balance sheet, nor will sales from retail. Instead, store results will be distributed among the various regions (such as Americas and Greater China), and iPod will be lumped in with “other products” along with along with Beats headphones, Apple TV, and accessories.

However, this “other products” category will also include Apple’s much touted, rarely seen iWatch. Which means that Apple does not want to tell anyone how sales of the product are doing. Hacks would have to look at this year’s figures, and guess how much of the category related to the watch.

This is telling – it means that Apple, quite rightly, does not really believe that the iWatch will sell significant amounts.

Analysts tried to corner Apple CEO Tim Cook on the matter during an earnings call who tried to reassure them that the move “says nothing about our expectations” for the Apple Watch.”

Cook added he also does not want to detail Apple Watch numbers to give competitors any data.

As an excuse that does not work very well. Apple has largely depended on creating an image where its shiny toys were popular. To do that it needs to tell the world how many millions of a product type it has sold. This creates the impression of a company doing well, rather than peddling anything that failed to work.

Burying iWatch sales can only mean that Jobs’ Mob does not want the fact that it will only sell a million of them to the sort of people who would buy anything with an Apple logo to get out to the rest of the world.