Apple has integrity, design guru says

Apple's Jonathan IveThe man in charge of design at Apple Corp said the primary goal of Apple isn’t to make money but to show integrity.

Jonathan Ive, the Brit who has become Apple’s design guru, also hit out at companies that copied Apple designs, according to Dezeen magazine.

Speaking at London’s Design Museum, Ive said that Apple isn’t naive and if it makes good products, people would buy them.

He described companies copying Apple designs as thieves.  He said that it isn’t at all flattering to have designs the company has worked on for years suddenly be copied in six months.

He didn’t name names.

He also said that to do something new you have to reject reason and that can make you look odd.

In other companies, he claimed, designers cave in to the corporate agendum and to marketeers.

He said Apple’s much delayed iWatch is a giant leap forward – clocks took centuries to end up as wrist watches.

You can read the full report at Dezeen, here.