AMD returns to servers

AMD-Technician-Poses-With-Chip-WaferAMD was given a good kicking in the server front and left Intel as the king of the chicken coup. However, that is starting to change with AMD providing new competitive products which will give its partners something serious to offer customers.

AMD’s launch of the EPYC data centre processor is a case in point and should give the channel to talk about with its partners.

AMD supremo Lisa Su claimed: “EPYC processors provided uncompromising performance for single-socket systems while scaling dual-socket server performance to new heights, outperforming the competition at every price point.”

“We are proud to bring choice and innovation back to the datacenter with the strong support of our global ecosystem partners,” she said.

The company has the backing of some key server players including HPE, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Gigabyte, Supermicro and Tyan.

It also has a pile of paperwork with shedloads of benchmark studies that indicate the processors deliver speed and reliability. They are being pitched to support cloud, machine intelligence and critical enterprise workloads.

HPE is using the Cloudline CL3150 and expanding into other product lines later this year. Dell claims that its PowerEdge servers combined with the AMD technology would provide performance and security improvements. Lenovo is telling its customers that AMD based gear can reduce TCO as a result of the processor and server performance improvements.

AMD has sauced up the offering by adding its Radeon Instinct accelerators that are targeting the high-powered computing market.

Either way, Intel does not have the field to itself, and that can only be good for the channel.