AMD reads Synopsys

AMDlogoAMD has signed a deal with Synopsys, which gives it access to a range of designs and intellectual property on advanced 16nm/14nm and 10nm FinFET process technologies.

According to Kitguru, AMD will give Synopsys IP and engineering resources.

AMD gets interface, memory compiler, logic library and analogue intellectual property from Synopsys and will use it to develop future generations of chips to be made using 14nm/16nm as well as 10nm FinFET manufacturing processes.

Synopsys hires approximately 150 AMD IP R&D engineers and gains access to AMD’s interface and foundation IP. The move clearly saves AMD money although it is not so good in terms of resources, whereas Synopsys becomes stronger.

Synopsys provides chip designers a broad range of high-quality IP for integration into system-on-chips (SoCs) and delivering expert technical support. It makes its cash effectively developing non-critical areas of chips.

AMD has a huge library of various complex IP used in advanced microprocessors and graphics processing units.  AMD gets silicon-proven IP for the chips it will make in the next several years in exchange for interface and foundation IP as well as engineers. AMD claims that it will give it ability to “focus its valuable engineering resources on its ongoing product differentiation and IP reuse strategy.”

Mark Papermaster, AMD senior vice president and chief technology officer said that it will allow AMD to focus internal teams on designing the 64-bit processor, graphics and peripheral IP that makes the difference between AMD and its competition.

Synopsys can deal with AMD’s future SoCs.  The two companies have been working together for more than a decade.