AMD Radeon HD 9970 in the channel soon

AMD, SunnyvaleAMD’s next generation graphics card, the Radeon HD 9970, is about to hit the channel.

According to  WCCtech, AMD’s Volcanic Islands GPU uses a new architecture making use of process enhancements and increased amount of stream processors.

It is supposed to be a lot better than the HD 7000 series but AMD has managed to keep the technical or specification details fairly quiet.

Even the name isn’t official yet, but the rumour is that AMD was going to skip the HD 8000 series branding and just go with the HD 9000 name.

The reason for this is because the AMD FX processors are also branded as FX-9000 series.

While the techies think that the cards will be a Titan killer there is some interest as to whether the graphic card will perform better than the GK110 core from NVIDIA.

The AMD Radeon HD 9970 and the rest of the HD 9000 series SKUs are reportedly launching in October 2013 or Q4 2013.  This would put the HD 9000 series cards against the GeForce 700 series cards.

NVIDIA has high hopes that its Kepler GK110 and GK104 based cards are good enough to compete against the new AMD cards and it is not releasing any new card till Q4 2013.