Amazon sets up distribution from Bolton

enhanced-buzz-6474-1379079420-13Online bookseller Amazon has decided to set up one of its flash new robotic warehouses and distribution points in the sunny and vibrant town of Bolton.

The move will create 1,200 new permanent jobs in the town and means that the total permanent jobs Amazon has created in the North West of England now amount to more than 3,500. The company says that Bolton, home of the village of Nob End, will be equipped with Amazon Robotics technology in order to help products be processed throughout.

“Our ability to expand in the North West of England is the result of two things: incredible customers and an outstanding workforce”, said Stefano Perego, the rather astounding Amazon’s Director of UK Customer ‘Fulfilment’. “We are thrilled to begin recruitment for 1,200 new permanent roles in Bolton with competitive wages and comprehensive benefits starting on day one.”  How thrilling!

This is the latest spate of job creation from the company in the UK. Amazon had reaffirmed its ‘commitment to the country’ in the wake of Brexit by stating that its workforce would be raised to over 24,000 in 2017 – adding 5,000 jobs. Throughout the year, the company has opened new ‘fulfilment’ centres in Daventry, Doncaster, Tilbury and Warrington, creating, between them, in excess of 2,300 jobs. In addition, Amazon also announced in August that it is to add over 1,000 jobs at its new Bristol fulfilment centre.

In spite of its positive efforts in job creation, the online retail giant has recently caught a lot of criticism for its tax payments. While it rectified the 2012 findings that it paid no corporation tax, Amazon only paid £7.4 million in tax, despite retail sales surpassing £7 billion. Thrilling!