AI will soon know you better than your family

Roman-mosaic-know-thyselfCrystal ball gazers at Gartner, who appear to have binge-watched Black Mirror, are convinced that pretty soon the AI in our computers will know us better than members of our family.

We can’t see it, at the moment Cortina thinks we want to search the internet using Bing when we want to open a news story we were writing last night, but the soothsayers at Big G believe that will change by 2022.

The analyst outfit claimed that artificial intelligence (AI) is “generating multiple disruptive forces” that are reshaping the way people interact with personal technologies, with emotion being at the fore of the next AI development.

“To remain relevant, technology vendors must integrate AI into every aspect of their devices, or face marginalisation.”

The current wave of emotion AI systems is being driven by the proliferation of virtual personal assistants (VPAs) and other AI-based technology for conversational systems, found Gartner.

It continued that as a second wave emerges, AI technology will “add value” to more and more customer experience scenarios, including educational software, video games, diagnostic software, athletic and health performance, and the autonomous car.

“Prototypes and commercial products already exist and adding emotional context by analysing data points from facial expressions, voice intonation and behavioural patterns will significantly enhance the user experience,” said Cozza.

“Beyond smartphones and connected home devices, wearables and connected vehicles will collect, analyse and process users’ emotional data via computer vision, audio or sensors capturing behavioural data to adapt or respond to a user’s wants and needs.”

Gartner also stated that by 2021, 10 percent of wearables users will have changed lifestyles, and thereby extend their lifespans by an average of six months.

By 2020, 60 percent of personal technology device vendors will use third party AI cloud services to enhance functionality and services, the analyst claimed.