12-inch Macbook Air ready to roll

novità-apple-2013Original development manufacturer (ODMs) have begun to make quantities of the 12-inch Macbook Air.
ODMs make machines to specifications created by brand name firms like Apple – and in this case the manufacturer is Taiwanese giant Quanta Computer.
According to a report in Taiwanese wire Digitimes, the 12-inch Macbook Air will be launched in the first quarter of this year, displacing the current 11-inch model.  The 13-inch model will continue to be made and sold.
And Quanta also appears to have won a chunk of the market for Apple’s iWatch, and has hired a large number of workers to make it.
However, there is a labour shortage in mainland China, where the majority of the factories now are, and that position is exacerbated by the advent of the Chinese new year.
There’s no final word on the pricing of the 12 inch Macbook Air, but the screen will be a Retina screen, the wire suggests.