Xerox wants to boost SME growth

Copy king Xerox is flagging up the importance of its SME market.

Xerox has been telling investors, or anyone who listens, about its glorious three-year plan, with the channel involved front and centre.  The big idea is to increase its SME revenues.

Plans to increase revenues would not only include taking advantage of a perceived opportunity in the SME arena but also to expand services and software, the outfit has said.

The core technology business will be spruced up to take advantage of the new business growth.

John Visentin, vice chairman and CEO, Xerox said: “By simplifying our operations, instilling a culture of continuous improvement, investing in growth areas and capitalising on new and adjacent market opportunities, we anticipate that we can achieve flat to growing revenue by 2021.

“With a history of designing breakthrough technologies, Xerox is ‘made to think.’ We are taking a disciplined approach to creating the next generation of innovative technologies and intelligent work solutions to meet our clients’ evolving needs.”

Xerox has been improving its SME channel and last year appointed Midwich as a distributor to bolster its coverage across that end of the market.

Along with the SME plans, Xerox told investors that there were ambitions to deliver innovative products that would open up fresh market share opportunities.

The outfit thinks that 3D printing, digital packaging, IoT sensors and services and AI workflow assistants look promising.