Wireless patent monitoring systems outfit heads to Europe

Medieval-Doctors-Dissection-of-a-CadaverOxford-based wireless patent monitoring systems outfit has set up shop in the Brandenburg-Berlin Cluster.

Isansys Lifecare has established Isansys Lifecare Europe which will offer Isansys’ real-time and predictive patient data solutions to the German-speaking healthcare markets, now preparing for digital reform.

The aim of the facility is to help reshape the future of healthcare across Europe for patients and healthcare professionals.

Keith Errey, CEO of Isansys, said: “We started our global commercial rollout programme with the establishment of Isansys (India) in Bangalore and have delivered PSE systems to Norway, Denmark, Singapore, and the US. We are looking forward to Isansys Europe providing a model for the continued successful roll-out of our services globally.”

Isansys has created the Patient Status Engine (PSE), an automated, wireless, remote patient monitoring platform.

Using smart wearable sensors to collect and analyse vital signs, healthcare professionals can, for the first time, access real-time, continuous and predictive data in hospital, at home, or in a community setting. They can then use this information to act more quickly on critical patient data. This approach improves patient outcomes, reduces costs, shortens hospital stays and facilitates proactive care.

The PSE frees the patient from the tyranny of cables and wires, removes the need for paper charts and manages observations based on clinical need. This new generation technology helps reduce time spent on routine tasks and frees up nursing time to care. Patient deterioration is detected earlier and escalated to the relevant doctor or specialist team, ensuring faster treatment which can save lives.